□ The dancer dances 1 x per hour, i.e. a maximum of 8 x per night

□ If more than 4 dancers work, the break between the performances is extended by 15 minutes. E.g. with 6 dancers, one dancer works 1 x per 1.5 hours and thus 6 x per night.

□ If 4 dancers are working, the standard procedure applies and each dancer dances 1 x per hour

□ If there are 3 dancers and one of the dancers works in the VIP lounge, the normal workflow remains, only the break between the songs is extended by 5 minutes.

□ When distributing the VIP lounge and Private Dances, it can sometimes happen that one dancer has danced more and the other less. The club strives to spread orders evenly, but reality sometimes brings its own corrections. We kindly ask you not to feel neglected!

□ The quality and uninterrupted flow of the shows is as important to the club as the VIP lounge and Private Dances and we cannot just focus on the latter. That’s why we ask you not to sell the Private Dances immediately before your own performance on stage, because the fixted fee is paid for this very performance. For this reason it can happen that we ask you to dance the show first and only then go to the Private Dance.

□ Working in a team is very important to us, so we ask the dancers who are currently free from Private Dance and VIP to replace the others in some tasks that will be explained below.

□ It is also important that the shows always run in the same order, regardless of how many guests are in the hall at the moment, whether there is one or a full house – the dancer dances 1 x per hour (unless there are more than 4 dancers) .

□ The club closes at 5 or 6 am, earlier closing should not be asked and in exceptional cases the manager or his designee may decide to close earlier.

□ The performance lasts 15 minutes and thus 4 songs: 2 songs on the stage topless and 2 songs in the shower (simply erotic movements to the music). The Shower Show is the best advertisement for a private dance. Remember that the customers come mainly for the SHOWER SHOW, everything else is a bonus.

□ After the Shower Show, the dancer has a 10-minute break to recover and rest a little.

□ The dancer spends the remaining time (35 minutes) in the hall and deals with the following tasks:

1) Welcoming the new customers and escorting them to the free seats and handing over the drinks. The actual goal is to establish contact and to sell the Dollar TIP$. The dancer explains to the guest that he can enjoy table dancing for as little as 1€ per 1 Dollar TIP and enjoy his piece of the erotic cake right on the stage next to the dancer he likes. It starts with 1 TIP, but the goal is to get in touch with the guests in order to get more TIP$ and tips on stage.

2) At the sight of a new client, each free dancer becomes a hospitable manager and adviser on club activities.

3) Direct contact and talks with the customers in the hall

4) Animation of the customers, in which the dancer presents herself erotically at the bar, whether sitting or even lying