We are pleased to introduce you to our private dance area, where you can experience a very special and highly intimate dance with a full strip.

FULL STRIP! Touching is permitted!

The dancers themselves decide on the limits of how far the touching can go and it is more about tender caressing and IN NO CASE about rough groping or even clapping or slapping. Light touches, without force are welcome except for the genital area.  

Ask our dancers right now!

There are some restrictions concerning the number of the guests during the private dance dependent on its duration:


5 min

Max. 4 guests – 1 dancer  – 100€
Cabine rent (without dancer)60€


10 min

Max. 4 guests – 1 dancer  – 150€
Cabine rent (without dancer)90€


60 min

Max. 2 guests – 1 dancer  – 500€
Cabine rent (without dancer)300€