SHOWER SHOW (continuously)

We are delighted to present our unique SHOWER SHOW, which you can only experience in our club and which sets us apart from all other clubs. The SHOWER SHOW is danced by every dancer immediately after their stage performance. It is something very special and a visit to our club is worthwhile just to enjoy it!

The SHOWER SHOW is included in the entrance price



We also offer a special SHOWER SHOW WITH GUEST, an absolutely fantastic and unforgettable experience that you can exclusively have only in our club – perfect especially for a stag party.

PRICE for 10 min – 150€



Enjoy our LESBIAN SHOWER SHOW and let us be honest, there is nothing more erotic!

PRICE for 10 min – 60€



We offer a number of special shows in which the guest is brought on stage and integrated into the program with the dancer. The perfect surprise is guaranteed and our STAGE SHOWS are the best choicel to please a friend or partner, or for a stag party. These shows are carried out TOPLESS on the big stage. They include:

Tequila Show

Dominatrix Show

Cream Show

Nurse Show


You can also stay directly at the main stage (without a screen), where you can come into direct contact with the show dancer:

PRICE: 20€ (15 min, incl. 1 longdrink)