VIP OFFER: 1 hour VIP Lounge for 350€ per table (incl. 1 bottle Whisky/Vodka/Rum/Gin and 5 softdrinks).  


Max. 5 pers. per table! 

If there are more, another one table should be ordered.

*** Optionally, you can enjoy a dance on the table witht FULLSTRIP or TOPLESS SERVICE ***


Attractive Company in the VIP

In the price of the following offers is included Champagne of different sorts, the perfect companion of a good company and the right mood machine for the dancers.


30 min  in the price of 250€ (per table, max 5 guests)

  • 30 min VIP Lounge, incl. one 0,7l bottle of Whisky/Vodka/Rum/Gin and Softdrinks
  • 30 min attraktive TOPLESS company with 1 dancer
  • Entrance FREE


1 hour in the price of 350€ (per table, max 5 guests)

  • 1 hour VIP Lounge, incl. one 0,7 bottle of Whisky/Vodka/Rum/Gin and Softdrinks

  • 10 min Private Dance (behind closed curtains, FULL STRIP, touching is allowed!)

  • 20 Min attraktive TOPLESS company of 1 dancer

  • Entrance FREE


Relax, switch off or discuss business. The A La Charm Club offers the ideal conditions. Our spacious VIP area is comfortably furnished and even has a stage. Our guests will of course enjoy personal service too, fully clothed or topless as you wish.

Our VIP area is completely separate so that you are not disturbed. We can also serve meals there, prepared to your requirements by our gastronomy partners or you can instead book our most popular “Strip & Steak“ format with two inclusive strip shows.

But don´t assume that the VIP area is only for men because many ladies have had great fun behind the curtains too.

Smoking is in the VIP area allowed as well as touching of the dancers during the performances. The dancers themselves decide on the limits of how far the touching can go and it is more about tender caressing and in no case about rough groping or even clapping or slapping. Light touches, without force are welcome except for the genital area.