Our dancers dance 4 songs one after the other. The 3rd and the 4th song will always be a shower show.

The break between the performances of the dancers is 10 minutes and it is the perfect moment to order the private dance.

Here you can see the list of drinks:  DRINKS


  • € 10 allow you to enter the TIP$ ZONE at the bar, including 1 drink and a 15-minute stay, i.e. the length of the performance of one dancer
  • € 20 allows you to enter the TIP$ ZONE on the main stage, including 1 long drink and a 15-minute stay, i.e. the length of the performance of one dancerAllow yourself a joy of  TIP$ in order to come closer and to touch the dancers!


Our offers are based on the desired budget of the guests.

€1 to €10

We offer to purchase our Dollar TIP$ and in return to get access to the Table Dance right in front of the main stage, where you can enjoy a special attention from the dancer. Table Dance from 1€ is only available from us!

€20 to €25

A group of 4-5 guests are welcome to purchase a Private Dance at a price of 100€ for 5 minutes and a maximum of 5 guests. Our private dance is FULL STRIP in an extra shielded area with the possibility to TOUCH the dancer. It’s a really hot show!

For a company of 2 guests we can offer the Lady Drink for 50€, including a stay (15 min) in the Smoking Lounge (smoking allowed!) in the pleasant company of one of our exciting dancers

€30 to €35

We propose you a Private Dance for 10 minutes and a maximum of 5 guests in the specially shielded area. Our Private Dance is always FULL STRIP, don’t miss the hottest opportunity of the evening!

€50 to €60

This allows you to enjoy a special VIP package for €250 for 5 people including:

  • VIP Smoking Lounge in a Separee with closed curtains for 30 minutes
  • Private Dance with FULL STRIP for 10 minutes, TOUCHING is allowed!
  • 20 minutes ATTRACTIVE COMPANY with a TOPLESS dancer who will entertain you and toast with you
  • A 0.7 l bottle of whisky/vodka/gin/rum + soft drinks or 0.375 champagne

Our VIP lounge is the ideal offer for a business group or just a gentlemen company that prefers a high-class entertainment at a reasonable price


Our program is designed for about an hour, after which everything starts all over again. During this time you can opt for other offers and order them for your further stay:

  • a dancer for Private Dance
  • a dancer for Table Dance in the TIP$ ZONE
  • Attractive Company of our dancers in the Ladydrink Lounge
  • a extra Show on the big stage
  • choose one of our other attractive offers


Professional adult entertainment has to be learned. Because it’s about seducing and inspiring guests and giving them the secure feeling that in the end you only pay for what you have ordered. We have developed a fixed price guarantee for this. Every bookable show is explained to the guest in detail so that there can be no misunderstandings with regard to price and performance. This is how we differentiate ourselves from other providers on Hamburg’s most popular mile.

Our goal is to offer you acrobatic, beguiling shows and entertainment that stimulates all the senses. Our dancers are trained entertainers who come close to you, but never get too close. Our light and sound system ensures that the ladies are put in the right light, which are capable of expressing many moods and put the dander’s beautiful bodies in the right light.

Come and check yourself and you will love our girls and our shows!